Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let it Snow!!!!

Looking for some fun wintery books?  Winter is for Snow, by Robert Neubecker is about a brother who loves snow and winter activities, and a sister who does not.  Can her brother change her mind and show her winter can actually be fun?  Dusk by Uri Shulevitz is the story of a boy and his grandfather going for a walk in winter as the sun begins to set.  The grandfather shows the boy that just because the sun is sinking there is beauty to be found in dusk.  Snowflakes Fall, by Patricia McLachlan and illustrated by Steven Kellogg is a beautiful poem about the uniqueness of snowflakes with beautiful illustrations of winter scenes. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Photos from Toto the Tornado Kitten's visit to the Children's room. Toto and his owner Jonathan Hall were a delight and fun was had by all! Jonathan also donated the two books he wrote about Toto to the library, so Toto the Tornado Kitten and Oh Toto!: Where Did You Go? are available for check out.